Serving the people of Africa through random acts of kindness

Laptop donation to Karl Scheepers at Eric Miles Cheshire Home

6 November 2011

In November 2011 AOSIS sponsored the Eric Miles Cheshire Home in Milnerton, Cape Town with a laptop. This was offered to one of their patients, Karl Scheepers, to enable him to accept a work offer.

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Donation for Ligstraal School

16 March 2011

Ligstraal School currently caters for more than 251 learners with severe mental challenges. The school is situated in a rural area of the Western Cape.

On 16 March 2011 we sponsored Ligstraal School for Special Education Needs Schools (LSEN).
The children at Ligstraal are mostly from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, with a large percentage of them living in informal settlements and on farms where their parents work as farm labourers. Many of the parents are illiterate and unemployed and are struggling to make ends meet. The children live in poor socio-economic circumstances; most of them are in foster care and dependent on Social Grants.

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