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Podcast interview with Prof Raymond P. Abratt, Editor-in-Chief of the SA Journal of Oncology

17 May 2018
Podcast interview with Prof Raymond P. Abratt, Editor-in-Chief of the SA Journal of Oncology 

Find out the critical issues the SA Journal of Oncology is addressing, its background and the vision behind it, and who can benefit from it by listening to Prof. Raymond P. Abratt, editor-in-chief of the SA Journal of Oncology, in this six-minute podcast interview.
Open access SA Journal of Oncology covers all aspects of oncology in middle-income countries.
The SA Journal of Oncology (SAJO) was proudly launched as a double-blind peer review, open access journal in 2017 by its editors and publisher, AOSIS. The journal aims to increase the global knowledge of oncology by broadening its base and adding additional perspectives, especially those of oncologists in middle-income countries where they practise. In particular, the journal hopes to empower those who care for patients with cancer in middle-income countries through regionally relevant scientific research. The journal actively supports a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care and research as well as translational research in oncology.  
Having seen the value of presenting research to others, the journal’s editor-in-chief, Prof. Raymond Abratt, was moved to be part of the founding of the journal. He saw how researchers can contribute internationally and identified the need to assist oncologists in middle-income countries achieve recognition for their work. 
The societies affiliated to the journal are South African Society for Clinical and Radiation Oncologists (SASCRO), South African Children's Study Cancer Group (SACCSG), South African Association of Physicists in Medicine and Biology (SAAMBP) and South African Clinical Haematology Society (SACHaS) and their networks in other countries. 
The journal addresses two issues: 
  1. Cancer is a major health problem in middle-income countries. As the population in these countries age, the incidence of cancer increases. The journal investigates how cancer presents itself and how it is treated in different regions of the world, especially in middle-income countries. New drugs are expensive and difficult to access so oncologists must use them optimally. 
  2. The journal provides support to all oncology researchers, helping them build their expertise in analysing and publishing their work. Knowledge development benefits from openness but requires the maintenance of high standards.

Esteemed scholars from around the world contribute to the journal and it aims to publish a minimum of 12 articles a year. All articles are heavily downloaded, for example, the case study by Goedhals, Haupt, Jafta, Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia with concomitant plasmablastic lymphoma, has been downloaded 4738 times since March 2017. Now, we are reaching out to you for another unique contribution to SAJO which covers an aspect of oncology in middle-income countries.
Submission overview
When you submit an article for the journal, you will be able to track and participate in all the activities related to the processing of it, such as the review process, copy editing, layout editing and proofing of manuscripts, which are all managed on the electronic platform. 
Please visit the journal website and contact us should you have any questions on submission guidelines and procedures.