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Social media in eLearning

22 August 2013
In support of Women’s Day on 9 August, a South African public holiday that pays homage to the women of our nation, we are focusing this month on integrating social media with your eLearning platform.

According to online studies, women use social media much more than men: in fact, 71% of women use social media compared to 62% of men. Women are also more inclined to ‘share’ and ‘re-post’ information through social media. There are two methods to integrate your eLearning courses with social media: eLearning to social media (promote your eLearning courses) and social media to eLearning (promote your business), as outlined below.

1. eLearning to social media
Promote your eLearning course information by adding ’Share’ or ’Like’ buttons to your courses’ descriptions. This way, when someone is impressed with your course, they can simply click on the button and instantly share it with their social network. There are various plugins that enable you to share your information from your learning platforms to social networks. The aim is to optimise viral marketing and let your existing users promote your courses amongst their network.

2. Social media to eLearning
This method will enable you to post newsworthy information regarding your company on your business social media platforms, and have them automatically updated on your eLearning platform. The aim of this method is to keep your users engaged with your company brand, with the hope that they will ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your business page and stay updated on new course releases after they have completed a course.

Social media is part of every person's life today. So much so that it has become unavoidable to consider how to integrate it with eLearning. Register for our webinar titled Social media best practices with an LMS taking place on 29 August 2013, 4:00 PM - 04:30 PM, GMT +2 . CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

At the webinar we will we will share the best practices when integrating social media with eLearning courses, and all the do's and don'ts.