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A scholarly contribution to educational praxis
Author: M. A. Mokoena (et al.)

Christelike etiek in ‘n sekulariserende samelewing
Author: J.M Vorster

Corruption in South Africa’s liberal democratic context: Equipping Christian leaders and communities for their role in countering corruption
Author: F. P. Kruger (et al.)

Critical Management Studies in the South African context
Author: Geoff A. Goldman

Honderd Jaar Kerk en Teologiese Opleiding: ‘n Kroniek van die Hervormde Kerk
Author: Prof. Dr J.P Oberholzer

Information technology project managers’ competencies: An analysis of performance and personal competencies
Author: Carl Marnewick (et al.)

Judging Q and saving Jesus: Q’s contribution to the wisdom-apocalypticism debate in historical Jesus studies
Author: Llewellyn Howes

Praktiese ekklesiologie – Kerkwees in die 21ste eeu
Author: Wim A. Dreyer

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Business and Finance
Author: (et al.)

Self-directed learning research: An imperative for transforming the educational landscape
Author: Elsa Mentz (et al.)

The legacies of Albert Schweitzer reconsidered
Author: Izak J.J. Spangenberg (et al.)

Theologies of Childhood and the Children of Africa
Author: Jan Grobbelaar (et al.)

Welcoming Africa’s children – Theological and ministry perspectives
Author: Jan Grobbelaar (et al.)