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eCPD® complies with the new HPCSA CPD guidelines. What has changed?

28 February 2018
The HPCSA released the new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines for health practitioners in July 2017, after the institution of their new CPD council.
What has changed?
  1. There are now only two levels of CPD activity classifications. All Level 1 online CPD short courses with ten Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQ’s) for evaluation with a pass rate of 70% are now worth two CEU per one hour. Online CPD short courses with twenty MCQ’s for evaluation with a pass rate of 70% are now worth three CEUs per one hour. 
  2. The number of clinical and ethics CEUs that must be accumulated over 12 months by health practitioners was adjusted for some professions. We advise HPCSA members to make sure they read pages 8-11 of the guidelines to view the new amount of CEUs required for their profession. 
  3. Workshops, lectures, and seminars on ethics are now worth one CEU per hour.
  4. The non-compliance policy was amended slightly. 
What did eCPD change to comply with these guidelines? 
From 1 January 2018, eCPD courses (clinical and ethics) with 10 MCQ’s that currently should take one hour to complete will earn two CEU’s. Those with 20 MCQ’s will earn three CEU’s. eCPD has updated the course CEU values to reflect the CEU (irrespective of whether it is a clinical or an ethics courses). The implication is that health practitioners may need to do more online courses to obtain the required CEUs which stay valid for 24 months, depending on the amount of CEUs needed for each profession. Clients who already earned certificates in January will be contacted and emailed an updated CPD certificate with the correct CEU value. All CPD manager report will reflect correctly. Visit
The new HPCSA CPD guidelines on eCPD affect your time — not your pocket 
Our eCPD annual membership and credit bundles prices are not impacted by the guidelines.  Health practitioners still pay per credit for credit bundles or a yearly fee for the annual membership to access unlimited signature courses. 

By choosing eCPD as your CPD provider, you know your CPD portfolio will be accepted by the HPCSA when audited. Please refer to page 21 of the guidelines.

​Any questions or complaints regarding the new CPD guidelines should be emailed to the HPCSA CPD department at
For support on using the eCPD system, please contact us at