Enabling African journals to reach their full potential

Welcome to Golden Journals

As part of our commitment to African empowerment through access to knowledge we are enabling qualifying self-managed African journals to reach their full potential with FREE Open Journal Systems (OJS)  installation, hosting and training.  

We are also offering these journals access to AOSIS’s full full raft of cost-effective and world-class publication services. These publication services can be added and scaled as the journal grows, with the same levels of service quality received by AOSIS Publishing’s premium clients.

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What do I receive?

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Who qualifies?

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Who qualifies?

The main goal of Golden Journals is to promote quality open access scholarly publishing in Africa. AOSIS would like to assist journals that show promise and potential, but are constrained by inadequate funding and resources. Golden Journals will help them to grow within their means to become more successful and fully sustainable. 

With this in mind, Golden Journals is aimed at smaller scholarly journals published in Africa that are operating with limited funds. These are not-for-profit journals that are usually sponsored, with editors and reviewers acting pro bono. These journals  operate with a fully self-managed production process, publishing (or willing to publish) in immediate, embargo-free open access.

Selection process

AOSIS shall select journals for Golden Journals based on its own selection criteria, which are informed by its goals and international best practice in scholarly publishing.

If you think your journal qualifies for Golden Journals, please contact us. We will send you more information, as well as a link to an online form for you to complete. If you meet our initial criteria we will then schedule an interview at AOSIS or via Skype as part of the selection process. 


What do I receive?

The Golden Journals Initiative offers the following benefits*:
 (*terms and conditions apply):

1)    It’s free:
  • Stand-alone OJS Installation.
  • Initial journal setup on OJS.
  • Ongoing OJS hosting.
  • Attendance of OJS Training Workshop at AOSIS.
  • Internet domain:  “yourjournalname.goldenjournals.org”.
  • OJS security patches and critical bug fixes.
  • OJS upgrades.
  • OJS and database backups.
  • Selected OJS plug-ins.
  • Monthly Google analytics report.

2)    Journals gain access to:
  • AOSIS digital preservation of journal content service.
  • Inclusion of selected journal content on AOSIS eCPD platform, which will increase readership.
  • Discounted OJS Helpdesk Support bundles offered by AOSIS.
  • AOSIS publication services, which can be added and scaled as the journal grows.

What it excludes:

Golden Journals is not a comprehensive publication service, and participating journals will have to continue with self-managing their own production process, or purchase additional AOSIS publication services at a fee. 

As a result, AOSIS shall not be the formal publisher of any journal participating in Golden Journals.

Does your journal qualify?

Open Journal Sytems (OJS)

Open Journal Sytems (OJS) is an online journal management and publishing system that assists journal owners with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submission and peer review through to publication and indexing.

OJS has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research. Learn more about the full features of the system here.